About Full Speed Sports Photography

My name is Mike Speed.  After 10 years of coaching in Texas public schools, I found that I just couldn't stand to watch my kids games from the bleachers.  I solved my problem by picking up a 35mm film camera and started worming my way on to the field and getting closer to the action.  Act like you know what you are doing and carry a big camera and you can go just about anywhere!

It didn't take long to figure out that a film camera was not going to work for me so I moved to the digital world and have probably taken over 100,000 shots of my kids and their friends playing rec league games to high school and Division 1 and 2 sports.

Next to family, sports photography is my passion. I love being close to the action and hearing the sounds and smelling the smells of athletic competition as I did in my days of coaching.

Time with your kids will fly by so support your local sports photographers and purchase those memorable images that they capture. They will mean more to you 20 years from now than they do today, so don't miss out.  Mike